Grace Lutheran Church


                               At Grace Lutheran Church

Grace Lutheran is excited to report that our new ministry especially for families,

and individuals, with special needs, has brought many new worshippers to our building.
As a Rejoicing Spirits host site we provide people with disabilities, their families,

friends and other supportive community members an opportunity to come together

to worship in a 'shush-free,' open environment: people can express themselves

without being told to "be quiet”, or “sit still.”  
What to expect:

>Upbeat music with joyous singing and movement 
>Brief, meaningful messages 
>A shush - free, safe and supportive environment
>Opportunities to lead, serve and participate for all people
>Light refreshments
>Fellowship opportunities 
>Wheelchair accessibility
>Monthly Worship on the first Sunday of every month at 2 pm


On the First Sunday of every month at 2 pm

   Lively worship with prayer, bible message, musical instruments and singing.

                     Light snacks and fellowship time follows each service.  

          Discover how this opportunity for worship might work for you and your family.


 “We are a diverse community, sharing and growing in God’s love, reaching out to all, and changing lives!”